Company Board of directors

Brains, heart and potential

At home in the world of real estate

Wolfgang Raimann
Wolfgang Raimann
- Member of the board –
  • Birth year 1961
  • Matriculation Examination
  • Business economist
  • Internship at a large Swiss bank
  • Studied at the HWV in Zürich, course related activities in the stock-organization as well as IT. After getting the final degree, he worked as financial analyst with focus on real-estate investments at a well-known private bank.
  • Leading positions in banking, telecommunication and consulting as well as additional teaching activity
  • Independent counselor in the area of communication and consulting for more than 20 years.
Roger Hermann Frick
Roger Hermann Frick
- Member of the board-
  • Birth year 1962
  • Assistant VP at Credit Suisse Fides Trust SA in Lausanne
  • Financial planner and director at KPMG Private Ltd. In Lausanne as of 2002
  • Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Kendris Ltd.
  • Co-Founder, member of the Executive Board and Member of the Board of Kaleso Ltd. In Lausanne
Roger Hermann Frick
Michael Kummer
- Attorney at Stach Rechtsanwälte AG-